Doug Hream Blunt - My Name Is Doug Hream Blunt

Doug Hream Blunt - My Name Is Doug Hream Blunt

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 1. Fly Guy
2. Gentle Persuasion
3. Whiskey Man
4. Break Free
5. Ride The Tiger
 6. Caribbean Queen
7. Big Top
8. Trek
9. Love Land
10. Fly Guy (instrumental)



Featuring the Hit "Gentle Persuasion"

Doug Hream Blunt learnt to play music at the age of 35, by taking an adult class in the late 1980s. The class was organized by a high school music teacher and his wife, and held in their small garage in the Golden Gate Park neighborhood of San Francisco. The other students of the class became Doug’s band members, while his teacher joined on vibes, and his wife on bass. To promote his music, Doug would play acoustic, solo shows for patients and elderly people at a hospital where he worked as a nurse’s aid. On a few occasions, he also brought the other students together to play on the City Visions Public Access television show.It looked like this…”.