Zap Mama - 7

Zap Mama - 7

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1. Belgo Zairoise
2. Nostalgie Amoureuse
3. African Sunset
4. Poetry Man – (with Michael Franti)
5. Telephone
6. New World – (with U Roy)
7. Baba Hooker (with Michael Franti)
8. Illioi
9. Jogging a Tombouctou
10. Timidity
11. Elé Buma
12. Warmth
13. Damn Your Eyes


“Marie Daulne’s soul music is as old as the Sahara and fresh as the beats du jour.

Seven completes Zap Mama’s metamorphosis from an impressive a cappella group to a cutting-edge collective that whips up a tasty stew of hip-hop, jungle, reggae, pygmy chants and global pop… the possibilities are endless.”