Javelin - No Más
Javelin - No Más
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Javelin - No Más

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1. Vibrationz 3:09
2. Mossy Woodland 1:53
3. Oh! Centra 3:43
4. On It On It 3:23
5. Intervales Theme 3:38
6. We Ah Wi 3:00
7. Tell Me What Will It Be? 3:42
8. Moscow 1980 3:04
9. The Merkin Jerk 1:38
10. C Town 3:22
11. Off My Mind 3:02
12. Susie Cues 1:54
13. Shadow Heart 2:42
14. Dep 4:21
15. Goal/Wide 1:16


Javelin throw a party that sees nothing wrong with dropping crooked disco (“On It On It”), schoolyard funk (“Intervales Theme”), abstract R&B (“Dep”) and pitch-perfect pop (“Mossy Woodland”) in the same set. At least that’s the way things unfold on Javelin’s debut album, No Más, the eagerly-awaited follow-up to a self-released collection of demos (“Jamz n Jemz”) and a pair of limited Thrill Jockey 12-inches (“Javelin”, “Number Two”). It’s as if Javelin were programmed to reproduce the golden age of every genre known to man, bouncing between samplers and strings, drum machines and drum sets, and a growing collection of guitars, horns and homemade thumb pianos.